Ceramic Art Inspired by Organic Geometries

I have always been fascinated with patterns. As a child I explored this with Legos, building abstract sculptures as well as detailed home models. I also made small drawings that were simply lines intersecting and weaving together creating abstract, symmetrical, and repeating patterns. And, of course, there was always clay.

I attended the University of Kansas and earned a bachelors degree in Architecture with an emphasis in Fine Art/Ceramics. During this time I also studied design at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. Later in life I attended Delphi University in Georgia where I spent three years studying metaphysics, RoHun Therapy, energy medicine, and the Divine Mysteries. I graduated from Delphi as a Doctor of RoHun Therapy and a Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology. 

Working with clay led me to classes at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago where I became a studio member and teacher, and later to the Craft Alliance in St. Louis. At Lill Street and the Craft Alliance I had the extraordinary opportunity to learn from very talented artists and be inspired by their visions.

Combined, these external and internal journeys led me to the work I am currently exploring. Looking at the patterns, which I call Organic Geometries, that repeat themselves through out our ever expanding and living universe. From the neurons in our brains, to the etheric matrix surrounding the human body, to the patterns we can now see occurring and repeating themselves through space and time.

I currently live with my dog Chiron in northern Wisconsin just 30 miles south of Lake Superior. Here in the beautiful north woods I am surrounded and constantly inspired by the beauty of nature in all of its manifestations. 

Thank you for visiting and exploring my work, I hope that you may find something of yourself in it, some part of you that is unseen, intangible, yet deeply felt.

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